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Rethinking the Future of Pathogen Management Solutions

The Axenic™ suite of solutions will provide the products, technologies, and services required to help reduce the spread of pathogens and the rate of HAIs in hospitals and healthcare settings.


Modern problems require modern solutions. Axenic™ is leading the charge to reinvent hand hygiene solutions.

The Power of Q Shield™ Hand

Q Shield™ Hand is a nontoxic solution that addresses some of the needs that often go unmet when using current products and methods. Q Shield™ Hand works to help minimize many harmful germs that may cause illness.

Our solution also helps protect hands from the irritation and dryness that is often associated with the use of conventional hand hygiene products.

Q Shield™ Hand has a quick application process that should not interfere with daily operations or patient care.

Protection for Patients and Staff

  • Simple to use
  • Safe and gentle on skin
  • Provides staff with a safe and effective method to promote infection control

How Q Shield™ Is Different

Strong: Q Shield™ Hand kills up to 99.99% of many common germs that may cause illness.

Gentle: Q Shield™ Hand is nontoxic, nonflammable, and gentle on skin.

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Harness the power of Q Shield™ Professional Surface Protector to help protect the most common material surfaces found in healthcare settings.

Help Protect Surfaces Found in Clinical Settings

Utilize Q Shield™ Professional Surface Protector to address coverage gaps observed in certain products and methods used for surface contamination control.

Q Shield™ Professional Surface Protector uses a patented solution to treat many common surfaces found in healthcare settings. The solution is effective against many common germs that may cause illness.

Pathogens can survive for varying periods of time on many of the material surfaces commonly found in healthcare environments. Q Shield™ Professional Surface Protector can enhance existing procedures and help protect against many common pathogens.

Implement Proactive Pathogen Control

  • Build a customized treatment plan designed for each environment
  • The Axenic™ team can complete applications with its team of experts
  • Nondisruptive applications don’t interfere with day-to-day operations
  • Implement a program that features continued bacterial-specific rapid metabolic assay (BSRMA) measurements that can help identify coverage gaps and inform reapplication schedules

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Our team, working to help yours.

A Complete Service Model (Available Late 2020)

The Axenic™ team is hard at work leveraging its technologies, expertise, and innovative products to develop a service plan for healthcare organizations. Axenic™ will work directly with healthcare providers to create a solution that is tailored to the individual needs of the customer, eliminates the need for additional resources, and fits into the busy logistical requirements of each site of care.

1) Next-Day Knockdown

Our team will be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice in response to an urgent and timely issue. The entire suite of Axenic™ solutions will be brought in on short notice to fight an outbreak or other time-sensitive issue.

2) Program Review and Design

Infection control programs have been stuck in a state of reaction for far too long. Axenic™ works with healthcare organizations to review existing programs and recommend steps to help reduce HAIs.

3) P3 Service Plan

We work with you to develop a plan to protect customer sites through regularly scheduled applications of Q Shield™ Professional Surface Protector. Each application will also include comprehensive pre-treatment steps to ensure proper product applications. After each application, the team will continue to monitor and spot-treat the site.

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When it comes to pathogen control, it’s impossible to manage what isn’t measured.

Stage 1: Identify & Evaluate

Axenic™ uses a BSRMA diagnostic device to capture pathogen surface measurement in real time. Immediate data provides healthcare organizations with actionable information for proactive infection control.

Stage 2: Create & Run Protocols

The Axenic™ team will work directly with customers to develop a protocol that addresses their specific issues as identified during the first stage. Our patented suite of products kills up to 99.99% of many common germs that may cause illness. These products work in concert with advanced protocols to fight back against HAIs.

Stage 3: Track & Monitor

Our technology ecosystem will be built to curate accurate and sensitive pathogen load bioburden data at scale, which can be used for predictive uses downstream.

Access to extremely rich and real-time data such as this can serve to change the paradigm around how analytics can be used to help prioritize, manage, and ultimately prevent infections within healthcare settings.


Real-Time Monitoring & Management

  • Measure bacterial ATP in a matter of minutes
  • Provide real-time, actionable insights
  • Enable healthcare providers to maximize infection control resources

New Technology to Combat a Sophisticated Enemy

By combining the new test methodology with pathogen-killing agents, Axenic™ offers customers a suite of pathogen prevention tools that have been previously unattainable in healthcare. Our solution is nondisruptive and requires no incremental site labor. The ability to access new objective measurement data and proactively fight pathogens delivers a tremendous ROI for our customers.

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Developing proactive technology and actionable analytics

A Forward-Looking Approach to Infection Control

Current prevention control technology focuses on retrospective reviews of historical data, like driving a car through the rearview mirror. Instead of focusing on future prevention, currently available data is limited and historical only.

Historical data is important, as it helps healthcare organizations learn from the past. But real-time data has the potential to provide infection control teams and clinicians with actionable strategies to reduce pathogens in real time.

Working to Unlock New Insights

  • BSRMA testing that is sensitive enough to differentiate between metabolically active and inactive microorganisms
  • Real-time analysis of the bioburden in your environment
  • Actionable analytics that extend beyond a cleaning audit
  • Spatial mapping to offer better protection for high-risk patients
  • Active tracking of cross contamination and visualizing hotspots

Creating an HAI Risk Score That Can Drive Action

AxenicTechnology™ will take data from surface surveillance and hand hygiene compliance sources and combine it with an organization’s electronic health record application (EHR). This data will be used to feed distinct infection control dashboards that focus on patients, hand compliance, and spatial results.

Customized dashboards will be developed for the unique needs and concerns of each healthcare setting. They will track at-risk patients, monitor shift-specific hand hygiene compliance, and map out hotspot areas in real time.

These outputs are being designed to calculate an HAI risk score based on medical histories, surface interactions, and staff interactions.


Administrators, department heads, and compliance officers will be able to leverage these risk scores and their dashboard access to take proactive action.

Clinicians will be empowered to do the same. For example, a physician will track a patient who becomes infected with an HAI from the ED to the OR to the ICU. A pattern of HAIs may indicate a series of surface hotspots, identify areas most difficult to clean, or reveal that certain staff members are failing to adhere to their daily hygiene protocols. Armed with this data, clinicians will be able to take immediate action and help stave off potential issues.

A head nurse might be able to use this data to ensure their nurses are compliant with hand hygiene protocols and will be informed when they need to take extra precautions with an at-risk patient or in a hotspot area.

Cleaning staff will use the data to flag areas that need reapplication or treatment and monitor the ones that are maintaining safer levels.

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