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Building proactive protection where it is needed most.

Our Solutions

Axenic strives to provide healthcare organizations with advanced tools to fight against pathogens

Today’s infection prevention and control (IPC) processes do not work as effectively as they could. Axenic is poised to help hospitals and other healthcare settings take more proactive steps against HAIs.

Axenic aims to help protect the health of clinicians and healthcare providers through a combination of innovative technology, service, and products.

Our solutions are being developed to offer healthcare organizations real-time, actionable insights to help protect against many common pathogens in an effort to potentially reduce avoidable infections and further control associated costs.

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Thought Leadership

Healthcare Has A Pathogen Problem…

Without a way to measure pathogens, infection-causing organisms can’t be managed and put patients at risk.

What Is Infection Control And How Has It Changed?

HAIs cost the U.S. billions and result in the loss of tens of thousands of lives. Yet there hasn’t been a major paradigm shift in pathogen control in decades.

Is Your Facility Ready For Proactive HAI Prevention?

Facilities need to be equipped with effective HAI prevention strategies. Unfortunately, existing workplace cleaning protocols don’t serve patients and staff or support proactive infection control.

What is the real cost of these infections?

The CDC reports that 1:31 hospital patients contract an HAI.

Each year, HAIs cost the U.S. the loss of 99,000 lives and billions of dollars.

These reports suggest that seventy percent of these deadly infections are preventable.

While existing measures have tried to eliminate HAIs, it is clear that the problem has not been solved.

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Can existing options fix the problem?

Does your hand sanitizers work against some of the most common (and deadly) pathogens? It is important to know the facts to protect yourself and your patients against healthcare-acquired infections.

Protecting Yourself Against Pathogens Starts with Knowledge

What do you know about the pathogens that surround you in your healthcare workplace? Get informed to protect yourself and your patients.

Are Current Hospital Hygiene Protocols Enough?

It is difficult for staff to wash their hands enough times to be compliant. Low compliance can lead to risks for care teams and patients.


Axenic Health Solutions was founded with one clear mission: identify the most innovative infection prevention solutions available in the world and deliver them to U.S. healthcare providers—seamlessly and cost effectively.

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