We’re excited that you are interested in purchasing Q Shield™ for your healthcare facility. To help you order a sufficient amount of Q Shield™ Hand product for your location, let’s work through this estimator to calculate the approximate amount of product you’ll need.

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Who will use the products?

Who will be given access to Q Shield™ Hand Cleanser within your healthcare facility? To ensure you order an adequate amount, consider whether the primary user will be your employees, visitors, or a combination of both.

This tool will allow for further customization during the subsequent steps related to the number of users and their frequency of use.

EMPLOYEES ?This group tends to have higher consumption rates than other users.
VISITORS ?This refers to all nonemployees (e.g. Guests, Contractors, Service Crews, etc.)

How many daily users?

To calculate your recommended order size, input the total number of daily users—both employees and visitors.

For employees, if applicable, this figure represents the average number of onsite employees that are planned to use the product. This includes both full-time and part-time staff. Remember to not count shifts but actual employees onsite each day. Employees will likely be your most consistent users of the product and tend to have a much higher use rate than visitors.

For visitors, if applicable, this figure represents the estimated daily visitors to your facility. This would include guests, contractors, patients, or similar individuals. While these users will likely use the product less frequently, they can still make up a sizable portion of total use.

Use days are the number of days that your healthcare facility is open. If your facility is only open for weekdays, enter 250. If your facility is open weekdays and weekends, enter 365.

Employees ?Enter the number of employees working at your facility each day.
Visitors ?Enter the average number of daily visitors to your facility.
Annual Use Days ?Enter the total number of days that your facility is open annually.

What daily use rates do you expect?

Now that we understand who will use these products, how many yearly visitors and employees you receive at your healthcare facility, and the number of days your facility is open, let's calculate the number of daily applications.

The default use figure for employees is one application per day. Customers with staff that work 12-hour shifts may have those users apply twice daily. We do not recommend entering an employee use figure less than 1.0.

The default daily use figure for visitors is zero. If you plan to offer your visitors access to Q Shield™, it’s important to consider how many will take advantage of the product and how frequently it will be used. In general, this figure is between 0.0 and 0.5 daily uses per visitor.

Employees ?Usually between 1.0 and 1.5

Avg. daily applications per user

Visitors ?Usually between 0.0 and 0.5

Avg. daily applications per user


Your Product Estimation

Based on your healthcare facility’s unique numbers, we’ve estimated your required amount of Q Shield™ Hand Cleanser. The tool displays the number of annual bottles as well as a quarterly bottle count. This is a great place to start!

For facilities that plan to order large volumes of product, we want to work directly with you to refine the figures from this tool. Complete the form and we will reach out directly to ensure an exceptional ordering experience.

There are no days off when it comes to proper infection prevention, so it’s important to make sure your employees, patients, and visitors are protected every day.

Annual Product
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Annual 550mL
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Quarterly 550mL
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